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FTP/Uploading Files
1) What in the world is FTP!?
2) Do I need a special program to use FTP?
3) How do I login with FTP?
4) How many FTP Accounts do I have?
5) In what directory should I upload my files?
6) Is there a certain file limit for my uploads?
7) I made a ftp account with a new user/pass but what is the url to his/her folder?

8) How do I upload files in File Manager?

1) FrontPage
3) CuteFTP
4) Dreamweaver

1) How do I check my email?
2) How do I configure Outlook/Eudora to access my email?
3) How do I configure and
4) How can I access WebMail?
5) Do you have any SPAM control?

Control Panel
1) How do i login to my control panel?
2) I made a ftp account with a new user/pass but what is the url to his/her folder?
3) How do i access mySQL?
4) How do i password protect specific directories?

Domain Questions
3) Why doesn't my web site work yet?
4) What are the name servers for my site?
5) How do I register my domain?
6) Shouldn't the domain name I registered be working by now?
7) Can I view my site before my domain updates?
8) Can you host an international domain (TLD)?
9) How do I get files onto my web site?
10) What's the difference between domain pointing and domain parking?

You are always welcomed to send us email, just be sure to include your full domain name and your user name in the subject of your email so that we can better serve you.  In the message, please go into detail about your issue.  The more detail we receive the less emails it takes to solve your issue.  Send all email regarding support issues with your web site to


Thank You For Your Patients,
Tech Support


MySQL Databases Included All webhosting plans support php5 and below  

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