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Control Panel Questions

1)How do i login to my control panel?

The fun part is that it's not a mile long URL address. All you need is your URL (ex: followed by (:2082/)

So point your browser to

Just replace with your URL to your website! It's that simple! IF YOU HAVE JUST SETUP YOUR ACCOUNT, then simply enter the following until you get your domain up and running:


Of course, replace 1111.1111.111 with the IP of your server provided to you in your activation email. :) And as always, if you have ANY problems with this, please contact us at

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2) I made a ftp account with a new user/pass but what is the url to his/her folder?


Replace USERNAME with the name of the FTP user you have created. :-)

if you have ANY problems with this, please contact us at

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3) How do i access mySQL?

Within your control panel, under the DATABASES section, there are 2 programs. PhpMyAdmin and Manage MySQL. You may enter Manage MySQL to easily create users & databases or for the novice, you may go into PhpMyAdmin to create, manage, edit and administer your databases.

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4) How do i password protect specific directories?


This is easier to set up than you think! :-) Within your control panel, under the SITE MANAGEMENT section, there is a link that says "Web Protect." Click on this link.

You'll soon see the folder structure of your current web site (you will only see folders, no files). This will be displayed with several folder icons (pictures of a folder) along with the name of the folder (displayed to the right of the folder icon). THESE ARE TWO SEPERATE LINKS (icon and name).

First you will need to navigate to the folder you wish to password protect. If your folder is located within a folder, simply click on the folder ICON to help you navigate in and out of folders.

Once you have decided on a folder, then click on the TITLE of the folder (NOT the folder icon) and a properties menu will appear on a new page.

Configure the properties in this menu by checking the checkbox (to activate or uncheck to de-activate). CAUTION: THIS WILL LOCK ALL FILES AND FOLDERS WITHIN THIS DIRECTORY. You would then choose a name for this locked page (this will appear as the title of the password prompt your users will see; ex: "This page is for staff only!"). Once complete, click on SAVE and the lock will be activated.

Finally, you will need to establish which users you wish to have access to this directory, and then you're all set! No sweat! And as always, if you have any problems with this, if you have ANY problems with this, please contact us at

You are always welcomed to send us email, just be sure to include your full domain name and your user name in the subject of your email so that we can better serve you.  In the message, please go into detail about your issue.  The more detail we receive the less emails it takes to solve your issue.  Send all email regarding support issues with your web site to


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